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Austral Oceanic Pty ltd

International Maritime Engineering & Naval Architect Consultants

Austral Oceanic Services has a strong track record of marine engineering across a broad range of disciplines from engineering and science to planning and implementation. Austral Oceanic specialise in:

  • Marine Engineering
  • Offshore Oil and Gas Extraction
  • Naval Architecture
  • Power & Energy
  • Other related Engineering industries

Recent projects completed by Austral Oceanic:

  • Design and construction of high speed, high capacity passenger ferries
  • Design of icebreaking passenger and supply vessels
  • Barge mounted power stations to 100MW
  • Naval patrol boat re-engineering
  • Marine artifact preservation
  • Ship building and port development consultation
  • Fleet maintenance management and consultation

For more information Please Contact:

Keith Ralfs
Phone 02 9999 3115
PO Box 908
NSW 2101

143 MacPherson Street
NSW 2102

Mobile  0414 438 259

Phone 612 9999 3115
email keith@australoceanic.com.au


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